What prompted you so seek a Life Coach? 

I was seeking help with dealing with anxiety to manage the stresses of everyday life. 


Besides Life Coaching, what had you tried prior to seeking a life coach that to solve any challenges you were facing? How did it go? 

I have tried therapy previously and it was not helpful. 


What concerns did you have about seeking a life coach?

I was concerned that the outcome would be the same as therapy but it was not. The process is different and has been so amazing. 

What made you choose Allison as your Life Coach? 

After searching for many months online and reading reviews and websites, I found Allison and after our first session I knew we were meant to work together. 


What are your greatest outcomes from working with Allison as your Life Coach? 

Allison has helped me learn to cope with anxiety in different situations by using several methods. She has made me realize that anxiety is in all of us but coping with it is how we, as humans, differ. She also has helped me move forward with other challenges in life, from family and work balance, time management and self-love and she shows me with each session that she truly cares about my progress. 


What has surprised you most throughout the Life Coaching experience? 

The process surprised me the most. I have tried therapy in the past and that is more of a way to find out the route of the issue, whereas Life Coaching with Allison has been about living life now and taking control of the anxiety that is present in all of us. 


If you were recommending Allison to a friend, what would you say? 

Life Coaching with Allison is not only for dealing with anxiety, depression or something that happened. Allison's coaching method is life changing and she has helped me through tough moments and also shared happy moments in my life. She is kind, thoughtful and brilliant at what she does. My only regret is not having found her sooner in my life.