What prompted you so seek a Life Coach? 

I had absolutely no direction in my life. I was totally scattered and seriously stuck and did not know how to get out of it. 


Besides Life Coaching, what had you tried prior to seeking a life coach that to solve any challenges you were facing? How did it go? 

For a few years I continued going to several talk therapist and they were all really great. It just seemed like I was staying in the same position that I had been in with my life. I felt very stuck in my own head.


What concerns did you have about seeking a life coach? 

This is the funny part. I am “vintage” and I did not even know what a life coach was! I just happen to think “I wonder about life coaching.” So then I got on the internet and looked up life coaches and several names came up and I started looking into them.


What made you choose Allison as your Life Coach? 

And then Allison called me. The moment I spoke with her, she eased my mind. During our discovery call, her answers to my questions were just right. She was willing to answer and explain anything that I wanted to know. There was just an immediate connection and I was completely comfortable telling her my needs and how seriously blocked I was. She was so professional and personal at the same time. She just she has it all.


What are your greatest outcomes from working with Allison as your Life Coach? 

Allison is absolutely wonderful. She has touched my life and my soul and she never stops amazing me. She leaves no stone unturned and has been there for me during this journey in life. She is always encouraging and celebrates the work that I’m doing and builds me up by reminding me that I’m the one doing the work. Because of this, I now have the confidence to say that I am the one doing the work. She has awakened things in me and honestly, my life has changed and transformed. When I think of Allison, I’m often brought to tears of joy and it’s the best feeling ever. I will forever have gratitude for her being in my life.



What has surprised you most throughout the Life Coaching experience? 

I am the most surprised at how much I have grown. I am doing things. I am putting myself out there. Allison and I spoke many times of things that I used to like to do yet stopped doing them. She challenged me to try to do them again, and little by little I did and my whole life has opened up. My husband, my children, my extended family and my friends all notice a difference in me. Allison always believes in me and that I can be so much more. Again I can’t express it enough she just has it all.


If you were recommending Allison to a friend, what would you say? 

I would say open your mind and your spirit for change. If you want to grow and transform and if you’re trying to find or redirect your journey in life, I would highly recommend you take that journey with Allison. She is always encouraging, supportive and fun as well! I love sharing with others that I have this beautiful life coach and telling them look at what this has done for me. Everyone needs Allison as their life coach!