What prompted you so seek a Life Coach? 

I wanted my life to flow more than it was. I needed help and support to discover and focus on that which brought joy in my life. I needed clarity in my identity. I wanted help identifying significant friendships and taking initiative in friendships as well as improving my communication in general. 


Besides Life Coaching, what had you tried prior to seeking a life coach that to solve any challenges you were facing? How did it go? 

I have seen three main counselors/therapists over the years. The first two provided unconditional acceptance, kindness, and emotional support in difficult times in my life. My current therapist has helped me tremendously to connect the flaws in my parents' parenting and environment and how that has affected and effected me in my adult years and in my relationships. He has helped me make major changes in my thinking and actions as well as helped me understand and given me tools to recover from my addiction to emotional eating, sugar, and bad habits (a long process). 


What concerns did you have about seeking a life coach? 

I was concerned I wouldn't be able to connect and bond with a coach. I was concerned the coach might not really meet my needs. 


What made you choose Allison as your Life Coach?

I liked what I read about her online. She seemed like she would be a good fit and her fees were reasonable. 


What are your greatest outcomes from working with Allison as your Life Coach? 

Working with Allison, thinking through where I am and where I want to be, making goals for myself and marking the ones that I wanted Allison to help me with, Sharing with here in each session- All this has helped me to understand and fill some significant holes in my understanding. These holes included my values, communicating skills, having confidence to take initiative in relationships I want to pursue. Allison has been warm, kind, unconditionally accepting, encouraging, wise, and fun to interact with. 


What has surprised you most throughout the Life Coaching experience? 

That even though the areas we discussed and worked on seemed separate issues, they filled the holes that needed filling. Allison has greatly helped me put the puzzle pieces of my identity and my life in perspective and in a helpful structure. 


If you were recommending Allison to a friend, what would you say? 

Allison is a great coach. She is warm, kind, accepting, understanding, wise, and encouraging. She is an amazing listener with a talent to hone in on a person's current needs and to supply definitive information to meet those needs. Then, she encourages as the client learns and applies the information and skills. She shares enthusiastically in a client's personal progress and victories.