About Me 

Hi, I’m Allison Cowan and I am the founder and owner of Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching.


I support individuals, committed partners, married couples, and, couples who are deciding to enter into a long-term relationship and want to do so with confidence. The result will be having more loving, open, and fulfilling relationships.


With individuals, I can help with the relationship that you want to have with yourself.  There may be a lack of confidence about who you truly are, struggles with finding your purpose, or working through goals that you want to achieve, just to name a few Through coaching, you will begin to see your strengths and start accepting your truth and values. This will allow opportunities to open up with any relationship, be it family, friends, co-workers, or relationships you are ready to pursue.


With both couples and individuals, I help you to stay together and understand the intricacies of navigating a relationship.


I also help couples who are wanting to enter a committed relationship and feel confident about the choice you both are making to commit with confidence.


I am a  Certified Professional Coach who specializes in managing conflict, communication,  boundaries, respecting one another, and much more.


I have been happily married for over a decade. Our marriage was not easy, though. Through navigating ups and downs, we have learned how to appreciate what we both bring to the relationship, accept traits about each other with love, and allow each other space to be ourselves.


Now, I coach others who are wanting to master this framework. I am passionate about working with people of all backgrounds who value and love commitment in their relationships.


I use a multitude of strong coaching skills and integrate Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology into my coaching practice.


I hold 2 Master’s Degrees. One in Education and one in Music Performance. With over 21 years of experience teaching, advocating, guiding, and empowering others, my experience is vast. I am also a devoted life-long learner which allows me to continue to explore new ideas to benefit my clients.


I see coaching as a partnership and work with clients through a heart-centered human connection in order to gain clarity, create awareness, and develop actionable steps so that discovery and development unfold which leads to the desired results that you want to reach. This is done through support, inspiration, motivation, and leading with compassion and empathy. 


Through working together, you will be transformed.


I am also a passionate ally of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Love is love!